Chemical supplies

Water Hygiene Systems Ltd produce a comprehensive range of water treatment, water hygiene and chemical cleaning products, manufactured to exacting standards, so as to provide utmost performance and reliability.

Our catalogues range includes:


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Solid chemicals are products in a concentrated solid form which not only offers easy storage, but significant safety and environmental benefits. With this modern scientifically design product innovation over the liquid based materials, the ease with which it can be employed easily into the relevant treatment areas.

These include products for the following typical applications:
Steam Boilers and Condensate Systems
Oxygen Scavengers – Conditioners – Dispersants – Inhibitors – Filmers

Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condenser Systems
Inhibitors – Biocides – Dispersants –

Closed Systems
Inhibitors – Biocides – Dispersants – Glycol – Pre-commission cleaners

Lorry and Car Wash Systems

Domestic Water Systems
Shower head cleaners – Inhibitors – Biocides – Grease Pit Enzymes

Swimming Pools & Spas (Jacuzzis)
Biocides – pH Correction – Flocculants – Dispersants

Pre-treatment Plant
Water softeners – Reverse Osmosis – Filtration – Resin – Resin Cleaners – Regenerants

Air Systems
Coil cleaners – Drip tray biocides – Ductwork biocides

Dosing & Control Equipment
A complete range of dosage and control equipment to monitor and control water treatment programmes to their designed parameters is available for any water treatment, water hygiene or chemical cleaning application.

For further technical information relating to any of our products, please visit our Downloads Page to read and download any Product Data and/or Material Safety Data Sheets.

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