Risk assessment for Medical practices

With a high emphasis placed on hygiene and prevention of the spread of bacteria and control over areas where the public are Susceptible to infection or disease, our services cover all aspects of the analysis and control of the water, steam and wet areas where hygiene is paramount.

We work closely with the practices to analyze, control and maintain the hygiene levels whilst keeping the public safe during this process during everyday operation.

Our services cover doctors surgeries, dentists, medical clinics and high street beauty and health clinics along with many other related businesses working in the healthcare industry. Plus residential care homes, childcare facilities, hospices and day care centres where the public are in regular contact with water and air conditioned spaces.

ISO: 9001 quality assurance procedures and in full compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines for controlling the risk from legionnaires disease, including the Health and Safety Commission’s, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance document (L8).

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