Risk assessments for public facilities

Analysis services for the industrial and commercial water systems, from the largest cooling tower and steam boiler to the smallest cold water storage tank and water services with public interaction at hotels, health spas and public amenities.

Our services cover all types of water quality assessment, Legionella testing, risk assessment and chemical analysis for domestic, industrial and plant remedial works, plus consultancy for water treatment and supply requirements.

Indoor swimming pool in healthy concept

We offer a wide range of cleaning services, which we tailor for your specific needs.

Clean and chlorination Works
Water Hygiene services can provide the following services:
• Disinfection of new or contaminated mains supplies with sampling to meet water authority specifications.
• Cleaning of water storage tanks to ACOP L8 and BS6700.
• Chlorination of water supply downservices to ACOP L8
• Cleaning of process water systems
• Cleaning of cooling towers and evaporative condensers
• Pre-commission cleaning of all types of water system

Closed Circuit Cleaning
The importance of operating your closed circuits free of suspended matter and bio-fouling is becoming more and more critical.
• Pre-commission cleaning in accordance with BSRIA guidelines.
• Renovation cleans of closed circuits with high suspended solid contamination.
• Full system water disinfection with screened biocides for any given bacterial contamination.
• Side-stream water filtration & centrifugal separators.
• Closed Circuit “Health Checks.

Descaling Works
We are able to offer descaling works to a wide range of applications including,Calorifiers, Steam boilers, Cooling Towers and much more.Our service can be are offered as a flexible approach suiting the needs of your operation.

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