Water control for large industrials

Water is essential to virtually all large industrial plant and process facilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services for the industrial and commercial water treatment markets, from the largest cooling tower and steam boiler to the smallest cold water storage tank.

We are experts in water control, quality and assessment of industrial water supply and the transport of it through the complete system.

We are a specialist provider of chemical analysis and treatment of closed water systems. Our Water Treatment Technical Consultants offer advice and services covering, maintenance, treated water and raw water analysis. Regular analyses of systems, along with adjustments to the treatment regime, are carried out by our consultants to provide customers with a quality service.

Pipes1The analysis performed aims to identify existing or future problems within the system. This analysis should include pH, conductivity and Methyl Purple alkalinity, hardness, iron (and any metals specific to the system), Sulphate, Nitrate and Ammonia.

The specific corrosion inhibitor used should also be identified. If a freeze protection solution such as glycol is incorporated, a baseline analysis to include reserve alkalinity, freeze protection point and percentage glycol should be performed from then on, routine tests should include, at a minimum, pH, tds, iron levels and chemical residuals.

All work is carried out in accordance with our ISO: 9001 quality assurance procedures and in full compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines for controlling and minimising the risk from legionnaires disease, including the Health and Safety Commission’s, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance document (L8).

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